We had a fabulous visit over the weekend to our good friends Janelle and Greg who run Milton Beef near Ulladulla on the NSW south coast.

Two mighty touring machines!

First up we had to deliver a newly purchased Kymco Expresso scooter to Sonja’s daughter Teya in Canberra. Sonja had a total blast riding it from Sydney to Canberra down the freeway, ducking and weaving through the rush hour traffic. It held its own sitting nicely on 100km/h in the traffic though passing trucks caused a few ‘interesting’ moments.

Refueling in Goulburn 

I ran interference behind on the Schnauzer as we chatted away on our blue tooth intercoms.

We gave Teya a quick lesson first thing next morning - she has great balance and has ridden bicycles for ever so the scooter is a natural progression.

Sonja had to swap the scoot for a car which she wasn’t happy about – they are so boring, until it starts raining of course. We headed down the mountain to Bateman’s bay for a quick visit with Bill and Lynn, Sonja’s parents and then headed up to Milton.

Janelle and Greg have run about 70 head of cattle and supply the local beef market. Their place is set in picturesque rolling grasslands with the escarpment in the background. They have a venerable menagerie of animals which seem to take a lot of management.

We knocked up a platter on arrival which disappeared pretty damn quick and Janelle’s pesto made from garden grown greens was wonderful. An interesting twist was seaweed infused pasta from a new hyper sustainable venture they are involved with.

I must say I was a bit dubious but it is quite delicious tho a red blooded Italian would have a fit I suspect!

The trip back to Sydney was the usual mix of lovely rolling roads and Sunday snarl of traffic in the city.

Despite the some rain in Sydney I still reckon I had more fun than Sonja in her car – not that I’m rubbing it in or anything …