The Dynamic Duo

My yoga friend Mandy hasn't been riding too long so we thought a bit of an adventure up to the Hunter Valley on our Vespas would be fun. Richard came along on his Beema to carry tools, spares and most importantly to carry as much wine back as he could carry! Mandy's pal Michael came along for the day on his Ducati and basically ran circles around us all day.

Question: How many bottles of wine can you carry on a BMW GS 1150? (see below...).

We left Sydney on a gorgeous Saturday morning and headed north up the motorway for our first stop at a service centre before heading into the Hunter Valley. I had ridden my Vespa down from Newcastle previously so I had a good idea what the deal would be but having trucks and buses roaring past was a bit more 'white knuckle riding' for Mandy. Boys stayed behind us running interference with the passing cars so all in all it worked pretty well. 

After the obligatory coffee we headed off into the Hunter Valley proper winding through the countryside and vineyards taking in the sights. Mandy was riding like a champion by lunchtime at my favourite Gartleman Vineyard near Pokolbin.

After a great lunch (I couldn't drink any wine as I'm on a restricted licence damn it!) Michael headed off and the three of us went to our accommodation. 

The next day was wine buying time and the answer to the above question is 15 bottles of wine (though Richard reckons he could have got two dozen or more on the bike if he wasn't carrying all the other stuff). A navigational error had the three of us back tracking along winding dirt roads to make our way back to Sydney.

While it was great fun riding longer distances on the Vespa would be tough given the riding position - my back was pretty sore by the end of the trip - yet alone my butt. 

All in all a great weekend.